PNA-RCA01 香港発売開始

PNA-RCA01 が香港で発売開始されました。

お取扱いは、銅鑼灣(Causeway Bay)のハイエンドオーディオディーラー「雅詠音響」Aria Audio Ltd.」です。


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Dear Audiophiles in Hong Kong,


It is honor to reach my sound to Hong Kong where the one of mecca of High-End Audio. PNA-RCA 01 is 100% hand build and inspected the sound, as the best  Masahiro Yamasaki signature model.
PNA-RCA 01 does not touch any sound signal. Just absorb noise and pull hided details out. Hope you would enjoy more dynamic "躍" sound in addition to your favorite audio system.
PNA-RCA 01 is also effective for electrical music instruments, portable audio player and more over!